Daymon Interactions, San Diego, CA

  • Data Warehouse Development
  • SSIS based ETL from 10 OLTP Databases
  • Developing Data Model and Procedures for OLTP


Carefusion, San Diego, CA

  • BizTalk Application Development
  • BizTalk Application Analytical Queuing Model
  • Statistical Sampling Application for general BizTalk applications

Daymon World Wide,  Stamford, CT

  • Automating Document Reprocessing
  • Blocking and Deadlock Resolutions
  • Performance Analysis

Sara Lee Corporation, Chicago, IL

  • Inventory Management Data Warehouse

Recondo Technology, Denver, CO

  • Bi-temporal Database Model for Health Care Clearinghouse

Compassion International. Colorado Springs, CO

  • Data Modeling, data cleaning

USAA Federal Savings Bank, San Antonio, TX

  • First Mortgage Application
  • Refinance Application
  • Cash-out refinance Application
  • Member Financial Profile Application

USAA Mutual Funds, San Antonio, TX

  • Mutual Fund Trading Desk Application

Wells Fargo, Dallas, TX

  • Corporate Client Financial Analysis System

Burlington Northern - Santa Fee, Dallas, TX

  • Data Model Review

IDS Financial, Minneapolis, MN

  • Data Model Development

GE Healthcare, Pasadeno, CA

  • Application Desk