Automated Rule Reprocessing for Daymon World Wide

Metaphor Technologies was retained to develop a way to automatically schedule documents such as purchase orders and invoices for reprocessing through BizTalk when underlying information in the Master Data Management system was changed. Due to the setup between the MDM and the brokerage management systems (BMS), the decision was made to utilize triggers that are automatically created.
The triggers are attached to entities and attributes based on reprocessing parameters that non-developer users enter into tables. Those triggers then place entries into a reprocessing queue which then ultimately causes BizTalk to handle the appropriate documents.
The project manager had this to say about the success of the effort:

One of the projects that Metaphor Technologies successfully completed was the most important and complex, and perhaps the least visible part of the “Automated Reprocessing” system – the brain or “nerve system” of our business. It works flawlessly.