BizTalk Application Development for Carefusion

For the health care provider Carefusion we developed several BizTalk applications and developed an analytical queueing model for performance analysis. The analytical queueing model allows the company to establish a baseline performance and to analyze various what-if scenarios.
Metaphor Technologies also developed a statistical sampling application that queries the BizTalk database BizTalkDTADb for entries about service times and waiting times.
The application permits a life view into the information of the BizTalk Tracking Database.

It focuses on the following pieces of information:

  • Service times for pipelines and orchestrations and their statistical information
  • Mailbox waiting times for messages from the moment of submission by a Send Port and the subsequent pickup by a Receive Port and their statistical information

The collected information for all items is available as times measured in milli seconds [ms] in the form of minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation. In addition, the application also draws a service time distribution function (Histogram) and the cumulative distribution function (CDF) for the measured items.