Pay Per Call Website

Metaphor Technologies, Inc. has developed a website to provide services to pay per call customers. Customers can register for pay per call services along with service phone numbers for service areas. Any phone call that is transferred via ifByPhone to a customer's service number is charged at a determined rate and customers receive weekly or monthly bills based on the number of received phone calls.

The website integrates with ifByPone to collect phone calls for each customer and with Authorize.Net for billing purposes. The billing information is stored at Authorize.Net to comply with the Payment Card Industry Standard and Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program.

Customers can review current and historic billing statements and dispute charged calls which are compensated in form of credits for future calls.

The site is designed in ASP.Net with a 3 tiered architecture and the support of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Reporting Services. The integration with ifByPhone can be changed to any other service.

The product is available for purchase and the customer will receive a 7 day test period on the website installed at our servers after which either a maintenance / enhancement / revenue sharing contract will be agreed upon or a full refund will be offered.