Daymon World Wide

I would like to thank Wolfgang for his contribution to the overall success of this project. Wolfgang went far beyond what was expected of an excellent SQL architect. Wolfgang took pride in his work and made sure the entire team can benefit from his impressive knowledge in many areas of computer science. He provided in depth documentation and justification to every design solution he offered. But most importantly he passionately and professionally worked on educating my team in many areas which, in my view, was a huge bonus.


One of the projects that Wolfgang successfully completed was the most important and complex, and perhaps the least visible part of the system “Automated Reprocessing” – the brain or “nerve system” of our business. It works flawlessly.


Another highlight is Wolfgang’s solution that addressed countless deadlocks in the system which allowed us to go live despite of some fundamental design issues that were introduced before Wolfgang joined out team.


And of course that unforgettable “Go Live” week when Wolfgang and the rest of the team worked countless hours demonstrating true determination, calmness, team work and control during real life crisis situation. Very impressive and inspiring.


Eugene Vereshagin