To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this as a letter of introduction and recommendation for Mr. Wolfgang Baeck.  I have known Mr. Baeck for nearly 10 years.  During that time he has been in charge of all of our computer systems, our network, emails, servers, and website.  He has also created a proprietary data base for us called “I-TRAX”.  Throughout this process I have been consistently impressed with him as a person, an employee, and as a father. 

When you meet Wolfgang, you cannot help but be impressed.  He immediately comes across as highly intelligent, knowledgeable and analytic.  His knowledge of computers, data bases, software, hardware, networks and overall systems is outstanding.  In my experience, “computer people” tend to have great knowledge of small areas and struggle to see “the bigger picture.”  As a result, they can lose site of overall goals and fail to seek integrated solutions and cost effective alternatives.  Wolfgang, on the other hand, has a broad base of knowledge.  As a result, he has, on numerous occasions, helped us to re-look at complex situations and has come up with and implemented simple, innovative solutions. 

While one can immediately recognize Wolfgang’s skills and abilities in the environment of computers, it would be a mistake to stop there.  Wolfgang possesses many of the attributes that differentiate average employees from great ones, and, in fact, are the qualities that separate true friends from casual acquaintances.  Wolfgang is a kind and gentle spirit.  He cares very deeply about the world around him and for the people within it.  He puts great care into everything that he does.  Watching him play with his children reveals a patient, caring father who cannot spend enough time chasing, laughing and teaching.  He truly finds joy in life and in helping others.  The computer industry can be frustrating and confusing to the customer and irritating to the professionals.  Wolfgang has run our servers and has been our support system since we began.  He has helped us grow and has kept our systems up day and night.  Even when he has plans to visit his family in Germany, he works on-line to support us.  His patience when working through complicated problems is impressive.  More impressive is his ability to work with our staff and train them for hours without getting frustrated.  This combination of skill, integrity, perseverance, and kindness, makes for an excellent teacher, problem solver and employee.

It wouldn’t be a letter of introduction if I didn’t mention the intangible value of having Wolfgang involved in any project, with any team.  He is the consummate team player, yet can rise to leadership roles when needed.  I have seen him effectively lead a group of kind, but undisciplined social workers through a process creating work flow plans for our business.  Equally, I have seen him make high level presentations to professionals who started the meeting acting arrogantly, and ended the meeting asking Wolfgang for his help.  He is gentle, yet persistent and gets the job done.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and would be a great benefit to any organization.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (719) 575-9887 or at


Ross Wright
CEO/Executive Director
Hope & Home