Bi-Temporal Database for Health Care

There a numerous domains in which a bi-temporal datamodel as a basis for an OLTP database would provide a solid foundation. In some of those industries, a combination of an enterprise data warehouse along with a snapshot OLTP database is an acceptable selection.

When you really need your database to fill the role of a time machine along with being an OLTP database such as in a health care clearing house application at Recondo Technologies in Denver, a bi-temporal database fits perfectly. This implementation allows for evaluation of queries as of now, in the future, in the past, and based on transaction time versus "valid time".

The bi-temporal database is the foundation for the rule based application as described by Recondo:

"We've built a rules-based software engine that provides real-time information on each patient's health plan, matched to the provider's contracts with the designated payers. We verify patient identity and insurance, determine eligibility for Medicare or charity care, calculate the patient's payment responsibility and year-to-date deductible payments, and evaluate current credit status. It takes just seconds, and the result is an accurate, estimated bill for collection in advance of service."