Our rates reflect that we are very skilled, experienced and highly motivated self starting individuals, and are very competitive with respect to the industry. We combine technical and managerial knowledge in indivduals that is not commonly found in any one person and hiring us therefore represents savings to our clients.

We collaberate with agencies but require that their overhead cost passed on to the client is not more than 25% of our rate and we note that in any contract we sign. We believe that this is a competitive cut for agencies and at the same time a fair cost to be passed on. This way, we ensure possible extensions to contracts should the client require more work and at the same time defend our clients as well.

We had the unfortunate experience that companies have taken advantage of the fact that we give reduced rates to non-profit organizations while at the same time, charged 300% of our rate to the client with the justification that they provide a "team" and are doing architecture, design, and project management work as well.

To see the depth of technical experience for Wolfgang Baeck who is at the helm of Metaphor Technologies, please see his resume here: WolfgangBaeck.pdf