What $18 Can Buy

I'm sometimes just astonished as to the wisdom of corporations. Outsourcing was only a competitive advantage for the first company that went that route. Once all companies outsource, that advantage has disappeared and now what is left are the results of it. At best, you only moved core knowledge of your business outside the country to potential competitors and as a side issue, you participated in the trade imbalance creation. At worst, you create a continuous income stream for consultants like me who have stopped shaking their head in disbelief over what they see on a regular basis.

A recent experience was that the development team of a client of mine wanted to pursue two parallel routes to solve a particular database performance problem. The deletion of a large set of rows took about 10 minutes and the team was pushing on one side for significant hardware upgrades and on the other side was discussing the possibility of moving to a soft-delete mechanism with an SQL Agent job that later on hard-deletes those rows, or a possible partitioning scheme to handle the deletion of those rows in a table with only 11 million entries.

After evaluating the situation, deleting useless indexes, implementing the right indexes and supporting foreign keys with indexes, the deletion took 10 seconds.

Oh, the $18 / hour is what your corporation has to pay a company here in the US for their off-shore Senior SW Developer. The amount that ends up at the other side is up for you to guess since no-one works for free. The same company charges for a US based Senior SW Developer 5 times that much. At a ratio of 5 to 1 for off-shore developers, you pretty much make sure that the US based developer can never keep up with the cleaning up and corrective work.

What a Deal!